Tuesday, August 6, 2019, 01:51

It has been a long time coming but I am finally finishing the production on my album, Songs Of The Sower.  I have decided to go ahead and release the individual songs as I complete them and they will be available to hear right here on Earnest Endeavors Music.

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And now I want to share a quick story about the song "Your Time".  I wrote the music to the song in 2015 and then the words in 2016.  It was during the run up to the Presidential election.  The song came to me similar to the way all my songs come to me and that is in the course of my prayer time and time I spend with the Lord.

That period of time was an intense period of prayer for me because I was very concerned about the condition of our nation and had been praying for the nation.

I knew nothing of President Trump as a person before he ran for President but I felt the Spirit of Lord tell me to tune in and watch and listen.  As I did I began to realize that there was an image being created of this man by news media and political opposition that was not in keeping with his true character as a person.

The viciousness of the opposition made me realize this was more than a political battle, but rather it was and is a spiritual battle for the soul of the United States.  I felt strongly that God had raised up President Trump for such a time as this.

What I find is that a lot of Christian people do not understand that God raises up whomever He wills to accomplish His purposes in this world and if you are a true student of the Bible you have to acknowledge that God's choices were not always those that we would have chosen.

Our political system in this country is sick and corrupt.  God raised up a man who is tough as nails and could care less what dirty politicians think of him.  He is focused and firm and continues to accomplish those things he promised the American people he would do in spite of viscious and hateful opposition.

But God is in control of it all.  God raised this man up to be a catalyst to pull back the curtain and show everyone how dirty and corrupt our government has become.  We have been lulled into believing the lies of those who went to Washington with modest incomes and became ruthless millionaires who show little concern for the people they say they represent.  God is exposing them for what they really are.

God is holding the torrent of sin and corruption back right now and He is using our President to raise a standard against the darkness and promote religious liberty for all. 

Let us all work while it is still called today, for the night is coming when no man can work.  Already Christians are regularly being censored from social media platforms.  If it hasn't happened to you yet, hang on.  It will.

"Your Time" is a call to action for all Christians and is dedicated to our President who shows us every day that we can endure the persecution of the world and still remain focused on accomplishing the mission.

God Bless You as you walk in the light and are the light in this every darkening world.  Pray for our nation and for President Trump and all our leaders that they will all do what God put them there to do.

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